Founder of the Christian Fellowship Center:  Pastor Herb and Ghislaine Desjardins

“The Birth of the Vision”

The idea of establishing a center for Christian fellowship was born in a vision  Pastor Herb had after he dedicated his life to God in 1979.  Four years later, when he left his successful business to devote himself to helping people in need, that idea became a reality as the Christian Fellowship Center in Bristol, CT was birthed where people of all faiths and backgrounds could come to find solutions to life controlling problems through spiritual counseling.  A storefront building on Bristol’s Main St. was the initial home of the CFC. Subsequently as the vision continued to evolve, the CFC moved to larger quarters on High St. and in 1992, My Father’s House soup kitchen and food pantry located in the former Carberry Theatre turned over its operation to the Christian Fellowship Center.  The counseling network broadened, the soup kitchen clientele began to escalate and the quality of its service, the increase in the amount of food distributed and the efficiency of operation necessitated a huge reconstruction project.  The existing sloping theatre floor was elevated, and as a result the area beneath became large enough to accommodate the present dining area, food pantry, clothing ministry and several classrooms.  In 1995, weekly church services were established; Sundays at 10:30 a.m., Sunday morning Bible Study at 9:15 a.m., and Wednesday evening church service at 7:00 p.m.

In 2001, the adjacent building to the CFC was acquired, thus the CFC/Carehouse housing for those with life-controlling problems desiring a lifestyle change was established.  In 2009, another CFC/Carehouse was acquired by the CFC at 10 Beecher Road in Wolcott, which will be used to house families that desire a lifestyle change.  The vision for the various ministries to come together as one continues to grow from glory to glory as the construction for the CFC/Youth Center is currently underway on the third floor of the CFC.  Since its inception, Sr. Pastor Herb Desjardins continues the walk of faith accompanied with dedicated staff members, leaders, congregation and ministry contributors all under the prayerful guidance of our Lord, God Almighty.

Pastor Dean & Laurie Desjardins

Senior Pastor Dean and Associate Pastor Laurie Desjardins:

For 18 years I have been selling, fabricating, and installing countertops.  My wife and I were considering going into business, but the Lord had other plans for us.

I had graduated with an Associates Degree from Gloryland Bible College in South Carolina in 1988, but didn’t pursue the ministry at that time.  After a time of prayer and fasting, the Lord caused a complete turnabout to take place in my life as He changed my heart from business to ministry. 

I am the Senior Pastor at the Christian Fellowship Center. My wife Pastor Laurie is very gifted by the Lord and is being used in a great way in the ministry at the CFC. Her and I consider it an honor and privilege to serve in the Kingdom of God.


Senior Pastor Dean Desjardins


Associate Pastor Laurie Desjardins